Friday, June 13, 2008

Romantic Road

Our association with the Romantic Road started at Fussen where we gathered a map of the route. We decided to leave some of the villages closer to Fussen until next week when we return to Oberstaufen where we will stay in a Time Share resort and will further explore Bavaria.
We also decided to avoid the bigger places since negotiating streets, parking and exploring local sights can be difficult and time consuming.
When we got to Nordlingen we used an internet cafĂ© to book ahead for accommodation at Rothenburg ob de Tauber. That took off some of the pressure. Now that we are travelling by car and not public transport finding internet cafes has been difficult. I guess most internet cafes are located in places that tourists/travellers gather, and that’s not where we are. We are also staying in budget accommodation and they don’t have wireless internet. Oh well you can’t have it both ways! I need more time to check out my assumptions.
When you drive through so many new and fascinating places, at then end of the day it’s hard to remember what each one looked like! Already places like Rottenbuch, Peiting, Hohenfuch, Landsber am Lech, Augsburg and Wallerstein are fast fading from memory – isn’t it just as well we have photographs and maps to help? However, taken together they certainly help to create a series of beautiful fairytale images.

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