Friday, June 13, 2008


This visit was all too short and we were away shortly after 1 pm with two of Jane’s bread rolls to have for lunch some-where on our way to Germany.
Garmin very skilfully helped take us through typically picturesque Swiss villages and countryside and across Austrian and German borders without any difficulty at all. We stopped in at Fussen to use the internet to organise some accommodation for the night at the Hotel Schoenburg.

Now this is where Garmin really came into his own. The hotel is in a place called Pfronten. It is on our map but then there are a lot of roads in that area that aren’t on our map, and that makes navigation very difficult to say the least. The hotel is in the country in terms of the type of roads in the area.

At one stage Garmin said to turn right in 10 m. I couldn’t see how that could be done and started to have serious doubts about where we would sleep this evening! However, after ignoring his instructions, doing a u-turn and starting all over again, I did as I was told and drove down a right of way and there on my right was Hotel Schoenburg!

From our balcony we could see a large village below – typical beautiful, Austrian image – and we could also hear cowbells nearby. We were so tired they didn’t worry us at all.

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