Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This marae has for years, been the focus of struggle between Iwi and the Department of Conservation. At present it has a wharenui, bunk house, kitchen, shower block and and at least half a dozen very acceptable toilets. This is the last marae stop before Pipiriki; we spent two nights here, took part in a wananga for waiata and powhiri and had a thoroughly enjoyable stay.

One of the most moving events here was the return to the Tira Hoe Waka of the Williams family. They had left us at Tawata to attend their father in hospital. He subsequently died and they held his tangi at Putiki. The group had entered the water at Tawata and when they approached Tieke, their paddles beat out a signal to indicate they had arrived. A powhiri was held to welcome them back into the fold.

The inspiration for the first photo came from the wet night we had at Mangapapapa!

The second photo shows some of the tents; although there was space in the wharenui and bunk house many people preferred to sleep in their tents.

The third photo shows the approach to the marae with a huge and elaborately carved pou.

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