Monday, January 24, 2011

Around Pasir Ris Park 2

The climb to this slide was no problem!

This probably how Hilary started his career.

Checking out the parallel bars.

Around Pasir Ris Park 1

This platform is more Tyler's style.

This rope clim is really tricky!

Making rhthym with Koko.

Around Singapore

Tyler dines at Marche in Vivo City.

Posing with Grandma and Koko atop Vivo City.

Tyley enjoys the fountains/water spouts!

Tyler ready to conquer the world!

Back in Singapore!

Rachel, Rob Raquel & Steve and families back in Singapore.

Around the resort 4

Looking down stream to the sea.

Lynne on the beach!

Tyler starts his surfing career!

Lynne keeps and eye on Fyn and Tyler while we wait for transport.

The holiday is over as we all board the plane for Singapore.

Around the resort 3

The main dining area near the pool.

Feeding time! Tyler tries out the food!

Lynne checks out the breakfast offering.

Tyler showing suitable restraint!

Around the Resort 2

The most popular spot was pool side!

The kids enjoyed the pool slides!

Caitlin and Finn take a shower after their swim.

Tyler certainly loved it.

No wonder it was so popular – for swimmers as well as loungers!

Around The Resort

The golf course where Steve and Rob almost made par!

Our cabin – others were in blocks of four – 2 up and 2 down.

Berjaya Resort Tioman Island Malaysia

The Berjayar Resort pick up vehicle. (Front) Rachel, Caitlin, Fyn, (Rear) Lynne and Paul.

Caitlin waits at immigration.

Berjaya Resort

Here we are heading off to the Berjaya Resort on Tioman Island, off the coast of Malaya some 30 minutes flying time from Singapore, with the Wilsons and the McCorducks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last one - wouldn't fit

Mr Nopporn Picha, Mrs Porntipa Picha and Mrs Chemnasiri.

A banquet at the Chemnasiri home

This programme doesn't allow for specific placement and labelling of photos but some sleuthing by family members will help to identify who is whom!

Jib’s cousin Miss Pacharaphan Silpikul, Air and Mac

Teerachai, Mr Nopporn Picha, Mrs Porntipa Picha and Mrs Chemnasiri

Air, Mac Jib and Lynne

Mrs Porntipa Picha, Mrs Chemnasiri, Miss Pacharaphan Silpikul and Air.

Mr Nopporn Picha, Mrs Porntipa Picha and Mrs Chemnasiri.

More feasting!

Jib’s dad took us to a really super restaurant in Bangkok. Mac is sampling the food.

A Wonderful spread

I will be happy to do penance for this feast - it was simply wonderful!

International Banquet

We all took part in the international banquet – a tranquil setting overlooking the lake with its calming water fountain.

Around the Rose Gardens

The Rose Garden

Mac and Jib took us out on Sunday to the Rose Garden. It comprises a huge hotel and several conference facilities situated near the river; numerous restaurants, several huge gardens, an enormous lake and show cases a traditional Thai Village with artisans at work.

This was an excellent opportunity to watch experts plant rice, paint umbrellas, carve vegetables to decorate banquet tables etc. and weave figures with grasses (similar to NZ flaxes).

Mac and Lynne wait while the General Manager organises our tickets for the day, courtesy of Jib’s dad. He is the Rose Garden’s Number 1 customer since he runs so many of his courses here.