Friday, June 13, 2008

Jane and Paul

Jane and the children were at the garage door to meet us; it was really wonderful to see them although Samuel and Madison needed time to get to know two strangers!

Jane and Paul looked really great and it was super to catch up, share travel stories and for us to learn about their Swiss experiences over the last year.

Paul’s BBQ skills and Jane’s salad making expertise soon had us all feeling replete, aided by two of Jane and Paul’s favourite Swiss chocolates. We also managed to fit in a bottle of French Bordeaux and a bottle of Savignon Blanc from Germany.

The view of Lake Lucerne from their balcony is absolutely brilliant; real picture post card stuff. Paddle steamer and other ferries regularly make a colourful centre piece to the lake in the foreground and the Alps in the background. One could never tire of a year round scene like that.

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Raquel and Steve said...

wow what a stunning view to have from your balcony. Great to see photo's of Jane paul Madison and Samuel. Looking forward to seeing more of them when we catch up, in less than 2 weeks time.