Monday, June 16, 2008

Munich & Dachau

To repeat a section from my school work blog: Another 6 am start! If ever you need a very quick ‘wake up’ ride try driving from Oberstaufen to Munich in the rain with the work traffic. Some would call it exhilarating, others would say it was stupidity; for me it was a necessary step in getting to Munich International School about 2.5 hours away from where we are staying for the week.

Garmin managed to get us right to the school car park without any detours. I am developing a healthy respect for what he can do and I am now more aware of his weaknesses and am able to build in a coping mechanism so that together we get the job done!

After visiting the school we went to Dachau to visit the infamous WWII concentration camp only to find that it is closed on Monday. However, a drive around the perimeter to view the walls and whatever we could see though the entrance gaps had to satisfy us since our itinerary doesn’t allow for repeat trips, especially when it takes more than 2.5 hours to make it! We made do with a walk around the old town area of Dachau and commented that the atrocities committed 3 km away will be the only knowledge most people will ever have of Dachau. We also spent some time in the grounds of Schloss Dachau, now a restaurant – Bavarian nobility certainly knew how to choose a good site for a castle!

By the afternoon, the weather had improved and we had a much easier trip back to Oberstaufen punctuated by two stops; one at a supermarket to purchase bread, cheese, meat etc for a picnic lunch and the second at Immenstadt to replenish the wine supply and to top up on Swiss and German chocolates.

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