Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Local Tour

In comparison with yesterday, today was definitely ‘quiet’. We didn’t get up until around 8 am, believing we had a 9 am start. However, upon checking our tickets we realised we wouldn’t be met until almost 11 am. All that ‘spare’ time was squandered on little bits and pieces such as making sure washing was hung properly and noting that internet cafes in the area don’t open until later in the day etc.

For those of you who know the area, today’s tour took us through Pyrgos to the monastery of the Prophet Elias. From there we descended to the village of Megalochori for photo opportunities and a talk by our guide. Akrotiri provided us with an opportunity to get our feet wet in the Aegean sea before moving on to the town of Emboreio. By this time most people on the bus just wanted to get on with lunch!

When it was time to stop for lunch, Lynne and I found a shady spot along the beach to enjoy our picnic lunch. Most people ate at a restaurant however we enjoyed our bread rolls while watching the people across the road at the beach enjoy their shade umbrellas and beach loungers – 2 loungers and 1 umbrella costs 6 Euros – don’t know for how long.

We must have been reasonably well hidden because one car load of beach goers was quite happy to change into swimming gear across the road from us!

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