Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dewars World of Whisky

On a wet Wednesday what better thing to do than visit a distillery - Dewars of Aberfeldy.

Described as “A whisky experience which will challenge your skills and senses, as it guides you through the extraordinary people, adventurous spirits and ground breaking innovations of Dewar’s."

The tour began with a 10 minute introductory film which took us through a re-creation of Lord Dewar’s Edwardian study, a blending room, 1950’s advertising agency and finished in the present day with the nosing table and brand display. Later we took a guided tour of the Aberfeldy distillery with Barney.

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This is a recreation of John Dewars library or office.

Apparently this is the manager's residence. In earlier times some of the workers lived in houses across the road from the distillery.

This is the smell test and for some-one who has a poor sense of smell I only missed 1 - the heather! I guess I know when a sense of smell is important!!

At the end of the tour we were able to choose a dram from one these three - the famous Dewars White Label, Dewars 12 year old whisky and Dewars single malt.

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