Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We woke to find that during the night there had been very heavy rain. Undaunted we set off for Forfar where we had planned to visit Lynne’s relation, Jean.

We took the scenic route through the countryside and were treated to a variety of picturesque villages, stone walls and bridges, farms and numerous post card scenes. We travelled via Dunkeld and the A984 to Coupar Angus, Glamis and on to Forfar.

Jean looked the same as she did when we were here five years ago.

Later we visited her daughter Karran and son-in-law Owen and her grand daughter Claire. It was lovely to meet Owen and to catch up with Karran again. It was super also to meet Claire again after last having seen her in Queenstown three years ago.

Later in the afternoon we all went out for High Tea at the Park Tavern where we met Jean’s friend Eric – he has travelled in NZ so we had a lot to talk about. High Tea is a very Scottish thing to do. We started with toast and butter followed by a main. This was followed by scones, jam, fancy cakes and a cup of tea.

My main, which I enjoyed very much, was Chicken and skirlie.

After a very full and pleasant day we started our homeward journey and travelled via the A926 to Dunkeld, the A822, A826 and A827 back to Aberfeldy. We met pheasants along the way; not to mention a deer making a leisurely road crossing. We arrived ‘home’ around 9 pm in full light – amazing!

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