Monday, June 16, 2008


We left Rothenburg o d t and went directly to Dinkelsbuhl since we had bypassed it on the way up. This was another really delightful medieval village and we spent some time exploring the inner city (old town) area. The city has grown up outside the walls of the old town but then it looks just like any other modern city. The real romance is on the inside of the city walls with the grand entrance gates, cobbled streets, old towers, old churches, stout city walls etc to give it the charm we all think about when we mention the word ‘medieval’.

One of the photos here shows a group of cyclists enjoying morning tea at a restaurant. What has been amazing is to see large groups of cyclists and walkers all over the place. Restaurant owners must rub their hands together when a group arrives. Certainly as you walk past restaurants they seem to be expecting lots of people; many umbrellas, tables and chairs are set up on the pavements.

Like Rothenburg o d, many of the buildings on the inside of the walls seem to be hotels and pensions. Others are charming little shops selling a range of goods, many for the tourist market.

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