Thursday, June 26, 2008

Loch Tay and around

This afternoon we went for a drive around Loch Tay and saw how beautiful the lake and countryside were.

I have to say the back road from Killin to Aberfeldy (the south side) was a challenge to driver attention! There were several times that I thought 'twos won't go into one' this time, only to find that with a bit of willingness on the part of both drivers, we could find ways to pass each other!

There were many instances when we emerged from the forest to be amazed by views of the lake and the villages on either side. Unfortunately there were very few places to pull over to take photographs.

The Dochart Falls at Killin were amazing. Fortunately this time we managed to find a park and walked back to take this photo.

Another amazing sight were the boats on the water. I can imagine this place in summer buzzing with people having a fantastic time on the water.

Every village has at least one pub and this one belongs to Killin.

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