Monday, June 09, 2008

3 am in the morning

[Aboard the Athens airport bus]

We’ll have to stop these early starts! Today required a 3 am alarm so we could have the desk downstairs call a cab to take us to Syntagma Square where the bus starts its journey to the airport at 3:50 am. Our ride took us up through a sleazey area where the girls of the night were still working and seemingly, customers were still driving through the area – not a pretty sight.

It took a full bus about 1.5 hours to make the journey today. Athens airport was busy but we were ready to go through to the departure lounge before 5 am so had plenty of time to practise sitting, waiting and people watching.

The flight was broken at Thessaloniki and eventually arrived in Frankfurt on time. From there we had to catch the Ryan Air bus to Frankfurt Hahn to pick up our rental car; an excellent sightseeing tour I have to say. Everything seems so clean, green and ordered.

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