Sunday, July 27, 2008


Our flight from Singapore to Wellington with Singapore Airlines was quite straightforward. The flight was full and we got to watch movies, read and have the requisite airline meals and drinks! An interesting observation - all the flights we were on were full or very near full. I wonder if that has anything to do with the cost of fuel? I remember flights we have taken in previous years where there were often several vacant seats - not so now!

When we arrived in Christchurch we were told the temperature on the ground was 3 degrees - once we got out of the main terminal we were able to agree with that figure! Yesterday morning it was 27 degrees in Singapore at 5 am - quite a difference.

The photo opposite was taken from the Christchurch airport terminal.

On our flight to Nelson I managed to capture a photo of the mountains. When we arrived in Nelson our friend Elizabeth was there in the cold to meet us. She had put on the heater in our house to help warm it before we got there, put supplies in the cupboard so we didn't have to go out for the rest of the day and had put a cottage pie in the fridge - we thoroughly enjoyed that for tea!

Some statistics from our trip:

89 days away
16 countries visited
8 schools visited
14 flights
5 train journeys
10 bus trips (3 overnight bus trips)
4 ferry trips
2 car rentals (21 days)
24 different beds slept in - okay - how else could I have written that??

I'm away tomorrow to see my bank manager!!

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