Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We had an absolutely wonderful day in Montenegro. When we realised how close we were and how easy it was to get there and back we decided to join a day tour. After two border inspections within minutes of each other we were set to learn about a place we had only heard about second hand. The trip from Dubrovnik followed the coastline and people were already swimming before 8 am.

Our first stop was in Kotor where we visited another Old Town – as fascinating as any of the others we have visited.

After that we followed a route up the mountain that involved 25 hairpin bends and a climb to 1000m above sea level. The photograph shows one section of the road where the hairpin bends make an 'M'.

The town of Njegusi can be found at 1300m; that is where we had a solid lunch made with local bread, cheese and smoked ham. Apparently our purchases go a long way towards ensuring their survival.

After lunch we carried on up the mountain to 1300 m above sea level before dropping back to Cetinje, a former capital of Montenegro. Grand it once may have been but those days are certainly in the past! However, it was a very interesting stop to have made.

From the top of the mountain you get a great view of Koto below and the rest of Montenegro in the background.

We eventually wove our way back down the mountain to the seaside resort of Buva. Everything seems to happen there from the Rolling Stones to the very rich set with their ‘boys toys’ parked in the bay. It seems that this is where you come after you have a brown body

We were able to visit another Old Town – we are becoming experts on these! We had refreshments here too.

After an hour there we made our way back through the two border controls to Dubrovnik and the 136 steps to our room!

Tomorrow we fly out from Dubrovnik for Frankfurt then Singapore to start our journey home.

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