Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Budapest to Keszethley

The hotel staff had been kind enough to book our first class train ticket to Keszthely so all we had to do was find the station. We had expected some help at the station to convert our booking confirmation into real tickets but Steve tried three people including the ticket office to no avail. Since time was fast running out and platform 5 was not insight we simply ran to find it and boarded the train. When the conductor came around he explained that what we should have done was gone to a machine and punched in our reference number to receive our tickets. However, by now we were in the ‘too hard’ basket so he signed the confirmation/reference we had and we sat back and enjoyed the journey.

The countryside between Budapest and Keszthely did much to dispel any preconceived notions we might have had of rural Hungary.

This was a 3 hr 20 min trip and there was much to see and marvel at. The countryside showed all the evidence of a rural economy with crops of all sorts, including sunflowers.

Once we met up with Lake Balaton it was campsite/holiday accommodation ‘shoulder to shoulder’. It seemed as if everyone had left Budapest for the lake.

Steve arrives at Keszthely.

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