Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Budapest here we come!

Getting from our hotel to Amsterdam’s international Schipol airport was easy and inexpensive. A tram from the museum quarter using the tickets we had bought when we arrived and a train from the main station for about 3.5 euros. We needed the two hours for checking in – the queues were long and moved ever so slowly.

Our journey to Budapest included a change of flight at Heathrow; British Airways offered the cheapest flight but that meant travelling ‘backwards’ before going forwards! However, we made it to Budapest airport later in the afternoon and caught a taxi to our hotel. The 200 bus and No 3 line tram would have been cheaper but it was late in the day and a taxi was still cheaper than the price of a shuttle for two people!

We met up with Steve and Raquel at the Marriott Millenium Court Apartments (we have a huge bedroom and ensuite each on either side of a lounge and fully equipped kitchen) and had drinks and nibbles before setting off on a walking tour of Budapest at night. They had been shopping at the market earlier in the day and had made some good choices. What an amazing city!

Our bedroom at the Marriott Millenium Court Apartments.

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