Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bus tour of Budapest

Today’s major undertaking was a hop on hop off bus tour of this city of 2 million people. I have always been a fan of these tours since they give you an over view of a city’s main attractions and some idea of its geography.

Steve and Raquel at the Fisherman's Bastion.

Lynne and I, also taken at the Fisherman's Bastion. This venue offered a brilliant view of the city from Buda. Often these tours are hop on hop off tours so you can spend time at the attractions that appeal to you. Our plan was to complete a circuit and then go back to those areas that interested us. However, once we reached the Fisherman’s Bastion we stopped to take in the magnificence of the city and run wild with cameras! We did the same thing with the Citadel.

After a lunch stop we went on to the Houses of Parliament, a really amazing building. It was so huge we couldn’t get good photographs of it. It was no good trying to stand back either because you couldn’t do that on the river side and nor could you do it from any other side and still capture the whole building.

Lynne and Raquel couldn’t resist having their feet in the Danube, which isn’t blue either. We made our way along the river bank to the Chain Bridge which had been closed for a market. There was a really good mixture of food, crafts and music; if we hadn’t already eaten it would have been easy to find something here.

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