Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We arrived in Dubrovnik around 1:30 pm, found a map and set off to find our hostel. We had been directed to go west from the station. Have you ever tried to work that one out in the northern hemisphere? That’s a prelude to saying that we had a 50/50 chance of getting it wrong and we did! However, no problem, quickly sorted and the street found. The instructions said the hostel was 70m from the end of the street. What the website didn’t say was that the street went up a hill steeper than the one in Dunedin. They would have been more accurate if they had described it as “136 (big) steps from street level to your room”. In 33 degrees Celsius carrying a suitcase (even though it’s only 16kg) and a computer, I can tell you it was more of a workout than I could have had at the gym. Fortunately the owner, a very kindly woman, gave us a cold drink to help us regain our composure. The room and facilities are fine and the view of the harbour and cruise boats is magnificent. We felt we deserved a restaurant meal for our efforts even if we had to climb the 136 steps to our room again!

Incidentally the owner and her daughter were really wonderful hosts and we enjyoed their facility very much and would stay here again. This shot taken from the balcony.

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