Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Club Abbazia

This is a view of our building at Club Abbaziua from the street.

Our unit is on floor three -count three along from this end. It's quite warm because there is no air conditioning. I think Steve almost died on the first night!

Our street runs alongside a beautiful park. The leaves from the trees allow enough light through to give the place an air of 'magic'.

The staff obviously have a good sense of humour. This notice says that they have good cooking and have listed the weights of the Manager, chef and a kitchen hand.

We had a very enjoyable meal in the restaurant on Sunday night. The first night's drinks were free!

Here are some photos of the interior of our unit. Double bed upstairs (the loft?) and a divan downstairs. I bumped my head on the loft ceiling several times! Imagine what would happen to Steve or Duncan.

Steve checking out the local attractions.

Our bedroom in the loft.

The stairs are a bit steep but it's okay as long as you are properly awake when you try them!

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Mr A said...

What is the Abbazia or did u mean Abazia?

Check out some of the sites the REAL Abbazia's (in the USA) are in charge of.

Maybe you would like to talk to us Abbazia's and inform us how our Surname evolved.

Ed Abbazia