Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Around Zagreb

We spent time during the afternoon/evening checking out the many attractions of Zagreb including the tram system, beautiful downtown parks and statues, an array of architecturally beautiful buildings and of course a street that contained very little else except bar after bar after bar. It amazes me how people can make a choice of where to spend their money.

The experience we had earlier in the day with our hotel search caused us to call into an internet cafĂ© and book ahead for Split and Dubrovnik. We have secured rooms in private homes - hostel type accommodation where you share facilities – should be interesting.

We could see from the many posters around the town there was a lot on over the summer.

Zagreb was completely new to me so I don’t know why I should be amazed by it but I was. I feel so much more informed now that I have been there. I now have a context for whatever else I may come to learn about the city.

Although we didn't have to use it the tram system looked easy to use.

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