Friday, July 11, 2008


After Steve and Raquel left for London we spent time enjoying the streets and sights of Keszthley. The Keszthley coat of arms - at least that's what it seems like!

The waterfront was alive with boating activity with trips going to many other towns on Lake Balaton. They even had a three mast sailing boat operating!

In the evening we were luck enough to be in the main street when a group put on an exhibition of Hungarian dancing. That was something special with the dancers changing costumes for each dance.

Today we walked the streets of Keszthley taking in the architecture – much of which could do with a scrape and paint to restore it to its former beauty!

Lynne visited a puppet museum and we came home via an interesting market with all sorts of produce, crafts etc for sale.

I spend time with one of Keszthley's famous sons.

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