Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On to Zagreb

Our onward journey to Zagreb meant a short train ride from Keszthley to Balatonszentgorgy where we changed to another train travelling Budapest to Zagreb – sounds like something out of an Agatha Christie novel! Waiting gave me time to finish off the water melon we had bought a couple of days before – waste not want not!

Since we weren’t familiar with the geography of the region, there seemed to be trains to and from everywhere. We did our best by following the Hungarian map we had which was good until we got to the Hungary/Croatia border.

The Hungary/Croatia border was interesting. Once the Hungarian officials had checked our passports the Croatian officials came on board and carried out their own checks including the usual questions: How long will you stay in Croatia? Where will you stay? What made them different was the abruptness and militant tone of voice. However, I wouldn’t want to be asked to do that same job in the Croatian language!

Some time after entering Croatia we were joined in our compartment by four Croatian women whom we guessed were going to Zagreb for shopping. One of them held court for as long as she was in the carriage. Although she was known to the others I am sure they breathed a sigh of relief when she went off to another part of the train – I know we did. Those who remained were friendly even offering us mints.

Again, the countryside was flat but interesting with the forests and crops showing up as patchwork in many shades of yellow and green.

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