Friday, July 11, 2008


Sumeg is a small and pretty town about an hours drive from Keszthley. We were able to get a close up view of a field of sunflowers. The heads were massive!

Sumeg’s main attraction is a castle set, as are most castles, on a hill behind the town. Access to the castle is via a steep winding path that circles the castle. Vartaxis (vans) were available to take people to the top but we decided we needed the exercise.

This castle had several things of interest; a knight offering horse riding for children, a bakery making sweet rolls of some description, museum rooms and an excellent view of the town below.

Lynne poses with the local baked sweet roll.

We paid a quick visit to the wine museum set in a huge old building beneath the castle.

After a lovely lunch at a restaurant in the town we meandered our way home through some really pretty villages.

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