Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Sunday - preparations for the BBQ are complete and we all have a 'quiet one' while waiting for the guests to arrive. Archie and Margaret opened their home for the afternoon. While the photos don't show it, the hills backing onto their property made a lovely rural back drop for the event.

Donna and her sister and matron of honour Fiona.

Ian, Claire, Steve, Mo and Derek pose for the camera.

Sisters Liz and Margaret enjoy a drink together. Raquel and Steve stayed with Liz and her husband Peter.

Kirsty and Katie Raquel caught in action.

Brothers Phoncie and Archie. Note Phoncie's T-Shirt!

Steve displays his culinary skills on the BBQ.

Raquel and Fiona discus the wedding.

Lynne and I pose with Connie, Steve and Derek's aunty.

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Dionne said...

Can't work out if it is Summer or Winter in the photo of Raquel and Fiona!