Thursday, July 03, 2008

Scotland to Belgium to Holland

We managed to lighten our load this morning by posting home a few non essential items. There was a definite feeling of summer about Brusells when we arrived. We found out where to buy tickets for the Ryan Air bus to the railway station in Brusells. We didn't have to worry about which station to get off at since it only stopped at one!

We managed to buy a through ticket to Amsterdam Central but nearly missed that connection because we took so long in the money changing queue! We thought we had plenty of time - my how it can fly though! On the journey we took lots of photographs of the countryside but could only name them "Countryside between Brusells and Amsterdam!" Your guess is as good as mine for the photograph shown here.

It was after 8 pm when we arrived at Amsterdam Central so we took a taxi to our hotel -Piet Hein. After a long day doing very little it's amazing how tired one gets! We have a very comfortable room overlooking a quiet street with Vondel Park beyond that.

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