Sunday, July 27, 2008

Singapore 2

We left our accommodation in Dubrovnik this morning around 7 am. Mare and her daughter Natasha were both up to say farewell to us.

It was easy to catch the airport bus because we were about 5-10 minutes walk from the departure point.

We arrived back in Singapore having travelled Dubrovnik to Frankfurt to Singapore. We had an 8 hour stop over in Frankfurt so plenty of time to do some work and check out all the shops in the terminal!

We arrived in Singapore in the afternoon so Quinn was able to come to meet us. She was as excited as we were and was keen to dance in circles for us!

The next few days were spent simply enjoying time with Dionne, Duncan and Quinn. That included a lot of rest, swimming, some work, shopping eating and simply relaxing.

Obviously Quinn occupied most of our camera time! The next two photographs were take at Pasir Ris park/playground. This would be one of the best children's playgrounds I have ever seen. It would have cost a lot of money but I am sure it's worth every dollar it cost.

Since we were here on a wet weekday we had the park to ourselves!

Here she is on the shore with Dionne. The park is bordered on one side by the sea and it is possible for people to use canoes and do other water sports here.

Duncan and Dionne's friends Margaret and Mike from Wellington called round one evening and we all spent time sharing travel stories. They were on their way home to New Zealand from the UK.

Raquel and Steve also called by on their way back to Sydney so we had a small 'family reunion'. I think Quinn was surprised to wake up and find them in the apartment - they arrived just after 6am after an overnight flight from Denmark.

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