Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trip to Dubrovnik

Our bus for Dubrovnik was scheduled for departure at 8:30 am – we were there in plenty of time – so much so that we almost left on the 8 am bus! Even at that hour there was lots of action around the bus stop with buses coming and going from and to all destinations in Croatia at least. The accommodation touts were out early as well. I guess you can’t tell who has an accommodation need or at what time of day they might need it. For example, a couple arrived at 3:10 am into our hostel last night.

Shortly after we left Split we could see people swimming in the many bays we passed. The water had to be warm for so many to be in the water at that hour. The sun was up and the heat of the day was already under way. All along the coast the picture was the same – where ever there was a beach there was accommodation ranging from rooms to apartments on offer. The Adriatic/Dalmatian coastline was a real picture and it is easy to see how they create such attractive calendars and post cards.

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