Saturday, December 20, 2008


We arrived in Singapore at about 2:30 pm yesterday after a four hour stop over in Hong Kong. Quinn, Dionne and Duncan were at the airport to meet us - it was lovely to see them.

Lisa and Barry, owners of an apartment in the complex held a Christmas party to which we were invited. Great opportunity to meet some other people in the complex.

Lasted until 8:30 pm before travel weariness caught up with us and we had to leave the party while it was still in its early hours!

Today was a lazy one with Duncan and I going into the city to check out a big screens special. However by the time we got there the real bargains had gone. We returned home via the Katong mall where we met up with Dionne, Quinn and Lynne for lunch - calamari, fish and prawn rice and a lovely chicken dish.

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