Thursday, December 25, 2008

Centre Point Petchburi

Jib checked us into this wonderful hotel
We have 4 rooms between us and seem to be be having hui in different rooms from time to time.

Breakfasts are something else! Enough to keep your ribs apart for the rest of the day. Yesterday we passed on lunch and had a light meal in the evening at a nearby family restuarant - very cheap.

Next stop - MBK shopping Centre.

Yesterday we had Xmas dinner in a private room at the Oishi Japanese buffet restaurant at Siam Discovery. Apart from the 'hundreds' of dishes to choose from as 'ready to eat' you could also select from a range of meat and seafoods and have the chefs cook them for you. Everything was scrumptious! Jib's dad had sent along some wine for us to drink with lunch. Having a private room was great for Quinn - at least we could contain her - boy is she active.

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