Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shoe shine

I decided to approach one of the shoe shine men to touch up my one pair of shoes – they have been doing a good job of looking after my feet for 31 days. I have to say this task was not undertaken without considerable research; after all I didn’t want to be totally ripped off. We agreed on a price – 4 Turkish Lira (YTL) – and the gentleman set about doing a great job.

One of his colleagues decided Lynne’s footwear also needed cleaning after all it’s a well known fact, ‘feet get sweaty you know’. Unfortunately we made an assumption that the price would be the same – how wrong that was! It turned out that this was indeed a specialised job (suede sandals) and ‘sweaty shoes’ needed more chemicals etc; that made the job worth 8 YTL!

Well we learned another lesson in travel and the price was probably a fair one to pay for that!

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