Saturday, May 24, 2008

Arrıval ın Urgup

Once we arrived in Urgup we were taken to the Cappadocia Palace Hotel for breakfast and to meet up with the group with whom we would be touring the northern part of Cappadocia. Breakfast for me consisted of cereal, a hard boiled egg, a bread roll with butter and a soft cheese. I could have added olives, a type of luncheon sausage and a few other items whose names escape me as I write this.

Our luggage was left ın the dınıng room for the day and was stıll there when we returned for ıt at lunch tıme! Thıs ıs not the hotel we eventually stayed at - more on that later.

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Raquel and Steve said...

Hiya folks,

We've both been sitting looking through your blog this morning.Raquel has been very frustrated logging on for the last couple of days and not finding any updates. Apparently a 20 hour bus journey is no excuse.
Looks like you're having a great time and taking a lot in. Enjoy and we'll see you in Scotland next month.