Thursday, May 15, 2008

...and on to London

The flight from Singapore to Frankfurt was smooth – I got about 7 hours sleep but Lynne got a lot less! We spent about 3 hours on the ground in Frankfurt, enough time to catch up on some text messages, make our way through the terminal to our departure lounge. As we have done previously in the US, we had to be taken by bus to our aircraft – a journey of some 15 or so minutes – this is a huge airport, Lufthansa’s main world hub.

We waited until Quinn went to bed before taking a taxi to terminal 2 at the airport; what a wonderful clean, spacious and relaxing place. It is so well laid out and the people flows and facilities have been so well integrated you wouldn’t know that thousands of people use this terminal at any one time. We had time to do all the official departure ‘things’ have a meal and soak up the ambience before departure.

Duncan gave me a haircut to set me up for Europe.

My last swim with Quinn before leaving for Europe.

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