Saturday, May 31, 2008


We had an uneventful ferry trip from Kusadasi to Samos although Lynne was beside herself the whole way concerned the ferry was overloaded. She had worked out that there weren’t enough life boats for everyone should disaster strike and her anxiety only eased when we came to within swimming distance of the Samos coast! As for me, I slept through most of the journey.

We easily found a pension for the night but after checking with a ferry company decided to stay two nights and sail for Mykonos on Saturday morning. We both needed a breather after the previous 2 weeks of activity. There are 62 street steps from the street to our pension and a further 8 steps to our room. The reason I know this is because I have now walked and counted three times!

Samos is very different from Turkey; the Euro somehow makes things twice the price of goods in Turkey; there is not the same invitation to ‘come and see my shop’; and, in Turkey, men rush to carry your luggage.

In a walk around the main bay we came across three schools but only looked from a distance; didn’t want to be the cause of a security ‘call out’. We came across a beach where the only way you get onto it is by renting an umbrella and loungers; that was made clear by the young woman on duty while we were still making our way down the street; she had a walkie-talkie and was obviously in charge of the whole beach!

We haven’t been tempted by the many bars and restaurants in the main street because of the high rate of smoking – Turkey recently changed their laws so they do have some restrictions on where people can smoke.

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