Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mykonos windmills.

Today was another 5:30 am start; actually it was 5:15 am; we reported nearly an hour before our ferry’s departure. The trip was not as crowded as the one from Kusadasi to Samos; Lynne checked out the life jackets and believed we would all fit into the life rafts etc so all was well.

Although a small town Mykonos is a lot like Venice; it is very easy to get lost in its streets which seem to have no recognisable layout plan. However that doesn’t seem to stop the many shoppers who have no trouble finding the many delightful and colourful boutique shops in the town. We managed to get lost following the commercial 3 D map!

We arrived at the new port of Mykonos and had reservations about this place; the touts were there to meet us but no buses and only one or two taxis. We managed to dodge the touts and catch a taxi to Marina Pension where George signed us in, gave us a free map and some tips about where we might like to go.

It wasn’t long before we had booked our onward ticket for Santorini and a day tour of Delos for Sunday. That completed we soon found the famous Mykonos windmills; the subject of many a post card and many Mykonos posters and books.

Lunch consisted of Moussaka (sp?), bread and fruit juice at Alefkandra restaurant on the waterfront before we returned to our pension for a much needed sleep!

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