Tuesday, May 27, 2008

… and on to Pamukkale

We were met in Denizli by a driver who took us to the Koray Hotel in Pamukkale where we marked time waiting for our tour of Hieropolis to start. The tour proved to be very worthwhile; the guided tour of the ancient ruins was most enlightening; the visit to the hot pools, while we didn’t swim, at least gave us some shade for an hour while one member of our group tried the therapeutic waters.

After our last tour we were taken to the bus station for another overnight bus journey to Pamukkale. The whole event passed without incident with at least two comfort stops during which time we witnessed more dancing and drumming as yet more young men were taken away to do military service.

Later we were treated to views of fascinating white terraces (I guess this is what our Pink and White Terraces might have been like). The ‘guards’ had their hands full trying to keep tourists from damaging the area with their attempts to get yet another calendar photograph to send home – unless a better management plan is implemented I fear they are on a hiding to nothing. The walk to the bottom led us through throngs of people in various stages of undress as they tried out the many shallow pools along the way.

We all enjoyed a superb dinner; soup, at least 14 different salads, main course of meats and hot vegetables and about 10 different kinds of dessert. I can tell you they were all scrumptious!

At 5 pm we left Pamukkale for Denizli to catch our bus to Kusadasi. After an 11 hour overnight bus trip and a full day of sightseeing, the lower priced hotel was as welcome as any 5 star establishment when we arrived there at 10 pm.

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Ngamoenga said...

Have been gone for the long weekend . Didn't see anything for a few days then all of a sudden....... Looks like you are certainly getting around and having some really interesting experiences. I am continuing to follow you.