Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A more successful tour included visits to the latest Mosque near our hotel built for the current Sultan. Its’ spaciousness and manicured gardens helped to create an air of peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately it was not open to the general public because preparations were being made for some religious purpose.

The mosque has 29 golden towers to celebrate the fact that the current sultan who built it is the 29th sultan of Brunei. The mosque has separate areas for women to pray in.

An escalator from the ground floor has been built for the exclusive use of the royal family.

This picture of the pre-prayer bathing area was taken at the old mosque, built by the current sultan's father. Not as grand as the latest one but one can imagine that in its time it would have been much admired.

Visitors had to don the robs you see here to ensure modesty in the mosque.

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