Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our voucher provided us with a free evening meal in the hotel dining room. What a selection! There was so much to choose from that we didn’t even get to use the on table BBQ facility for the steam boat. The service was great as you would expect from a Five Star Hotel! I hasten to add that we weren’t paying five star prices having picked up a two nights bargain on the internet.

Breakfast next morning was also classic Asian with excellent choices from both Asian and western menus. It was clear from the way we loaded our plates – more than once – that we were expecting a famine real soon!

From the nature of the clientele and the fact that prayer times are listed in our hotel room, the Rizqun hotel is Muslim owned and operated so the likes of bacon and alcohol are not on the menu!

However, the most interesting foods were to be found at the night market about 200 metres from our hotel.People started setting up for this at around 5 pm and by 6:30 it was in full swing.

The first night we spent 'looking' and the on the second we sampled the goods! When you have only so much stomach capacity you have to choose very carefully - some known items and some new ones. The market was a god place to pick up some new ideas as well. Everything seemed to be $1 - kebabs, pita pockets, chicken pieces and corn on the cob. Others were sold in small quantities - for example, 6 banana fritters for $1.

The smells wafting across the market place were hard to resist! The smoke was annoying at times but we didn't let that stop us. We would certainly reccommend this as a place to visit.

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